Lær om livet ombord på flådens flagskib under den kolde krig -
PEDER SKRAM. Fartøjet var bygget til at lede en kampgruppe af
krigsskibe, bestående af korvetter, missiltorpedobåde, ubåde og

En unik oplevelse i Københavns Havn!Lær om livet ombord på flådens flagskib under den kolde krig -
PEDER SKRAM. Fartøjet var bygget til at lede en kampgruppe af
krigsskibe, bestående af korvetter, missiltorpedobåde, ubåde og

En unik oplevelse i Københavns Havn!


Due to the latest announcement from the authorites regarding Corona
the ship are closed to the public and all events from wednesday
9 december 2020 until the restrictions are lifted again.

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HDMS Peder Skram open again
June 28. 2019
Now it is time to visit HDMS Peder Skram and the other warships from the Cold War. Open from tomorrow. From 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. all days. Close again the 18th. of August. 
Happy New Year
December 31, 2018
HDMS Peder Skram and the entire crew wish everyone a happy 2019. In the new year we will face a number of exciting challenges. We are going to run a museum with three ships. In addition to HDMS Peder Skram, the submarine HDMS Sælen and the torpedomissile boat HDMS Sehested will be a part of Denmark's oldest cold war museum, centrally located in Copenhagen harbor. How come the military area, naval station Copenhagen will include in the future, come to look like. To what extent will the Ministry of Defence maintain and renovate the part of Nyholm that remains the property of the Navy and where we will continue to operate our museum. What will happen at Rehfshaleøen, where plans have been presented for a new large city area in Copenhagen and where interested people want to build a maritime experience center. It really will be an exciting 2019.

New about HDMS Sehested and HDMS Sælen

November 6, 2018
The foundation are negotiates with the National Museum to take over the operation of the submarine, HDMS Sælen and the torpedomissile boat, HDMS Sehested. In the future, the National Museum do not want the two vessels to be part of the War Museum in Copenhagen, which is the new name for the Orlogsmuseet / Tøjhusmuseet. When the plans for Nyholm are in place and we know where the dividing line must go between the part of Nyholm that is to be sold and the part the Ministry of Defence wants to preserve, it is also the plan that the ownership of the two museum ships will be transferred to the Foundation Peder Skram. No later than 2023, when the current defense settlement must be fully implemented and the plans for Nyholm must be implemented to.
New members of the board of directors
September 10, 2018
The fundation Peder Skram has expanded the board of directors, with two new members.
Admiral Tim Sloth Jørgensen. Former Chief of Defense staff. Before that he has served as commander of the Danich Seal Corps (Frømandskorpset), chief of the Naval Operations, head of the Defense Staff. He was senior adviser in the Ministry of Defense from 2009 to 2012, after which he retired. After the retirement, he has been affiliated with the defense company Terma as senior advisor and is an associate professor at CBS.
Naval historian Søren Nørby Ph.D. He is educated cand.mag from Copenhagen University. Employed at the Defense Acdemy and teacher at the Naval Academy. Has just been appointed as the Navy´s historical consultant. He has previously been employed as librarian at the Naval Library, has been the webmaster and responsible for the Armed Forces photo archive at the Armed Forces library. He has also been associated with the Trade and Maritime Museum at Kronborg and the former Naval Museum.

75 years ago The Danish Navy scuttled itself

August 29, 2018

Today, 75 years ago, the majority of the Danish Navy was scuttled, to avoid to fall into the hands of the German occupation forces. The Danish government did not want to meet the German demands for death penalty for sabotage, etc. When the government rejected that the Danish Navy and Army could defend themselves against attacks from Germans forces, the commander-in-chief of the Danish Navy, admiral Vedel, ordered that the ships should either try to escape to Sweden, which was neutral, or they should be scuttled by their own crew, which happened for the majority of the ships. Some reached Sweden. The photo of the coast battleship Peder Skram, scuttled at Holmen, the naval base at Copenhagen, below the old mast crane, went around the world as a confirmation of the Danes' resistance against Nazi Germany.

Open house arrangement at the Korsør Naval station
August 16, 2018
Again this year, the Naval Station Korsør invites to an open house event on 28 August between 10 am and 16 pm. The frigate Peder Skram participates again this year with its mobile exhibition, staffed with a team of volunteers. The event is part of Korsør's maritime culture week.
HDMS Peder Skram on Facebook
1 July 2018
In the short while, an official Peder Skram Facebook group will be established. The background for the creation of the Facebook group is due to a desire to give facebook users the official and correct information about the frigate, including opening hours, etc. For example, we have experienced people referring to us about opening hours that have been wrong on other Facebook pages. It is now advisable to bid. At the same time, a number of ads are launched on Facebook aimed at potential visitors, both Danes and tourists, during the opening of the frigate from 30 June to 19 August
The gas turbine has arrived
May 2, 2018
Today at 1 p.m. HDMS Peder Skram's gas turbine arrived at Naval Station Copenhagen and was unloaded on the dock. It is a gift from the US Coast Guard, which was given the four gas turbines from HDMS Peder Skram and HDMS Herlug Trolle after the sale of the frigates in 1992. The gas turbine is now ready to be installed on board when the frigate returns from the shipyard at Søby, to which HDMS Peder Skram started the trip today at 7 a.m. this morning, tugged all the way. The frigate is expected back from the shipyard approx. two weeks from now and it is expected that the gas turbine will be installed mid-June.
Former CEO Jørgen Grinder is dead
May 1, 2018
Jørgen Grinder joined early the project group which was working to preserve the HDMS Peder Skram as a museum. In connection with the establishing of the Peder Skram Foundation, he became member of the board of directors in 1995. He was a member for a long periode. After leaving the board of directors, he became a member of the Foundations Board of Representatives until 2011. He showed great interset of the work of the Foundation until his dead. He was member of the Privatbankens Executive Board for a number of years. He was among others one of the main figure, who establish the Dankort system and the national bank payment service. He received the knight's cross for this work. Jørgen Grinder was born on January 9th and died on April 30th. He became 84 years old.
The Royal Naval Academy lives Nyholm
April 8, 2018
As part of the new defense agreement, the Royal Naval Academy (SOS) is going to be moved from Nyholm and to the Svanemøllens barracks, where the Air Force academy already is located. The army's academy remains at Frederiksberg Castle. All three officers schools are subject to the Royal Defense Academy, who also changes the commandig officer. First of May, rear admiral Niels Wang retires and is replaced by captain Henrik Ryberg, who is appointed to rear admiral. SOS was built in the late thirties. Due to the German occupation of Denmark, 1940-45, it was commisioned in 1946. Until 1951 it was called the Sea Cadet School. The building was designed by architect Jens Chr. Jensen Klok, who was employed by the Naval Architectural Section. He has also designed the Naval Air Stations at Avnø and Copenhagen, as well as the motortorpedoboat warft at Holmen. SOS is the world's oldest functioning naval academy. Founded in 1701, where Captain Sehested, April the 26th., was appointed commanding officer at the academy. SOS is also Denmark's second oldest university. The oldest is Copenhagen University founded in 1479.
It is quite true
April 2, 2018.
At Hans Cristian Andersen's birthday we can see that the adventure can come true. For more than 10 years ago, we have tried to get one of the frigate gas turbines back and placed on board again. The four gas turbines from HDMS Peder Skram and HDMS Herluf Trolle was transferred to the US Cost Guard after the decommision of the frigates in 1992.The gas turbines had been used in the frigates of the USS Hamilton class. These frigates are now decommisioned and the opportunity to get one of them back again show up. With great help from Shipco Transport Inc. the gas turbine now is on its way across the Atlantic and arrives to Denmark at the end of April. Delivered free of charge from Shipco Transport Inc. When the gas turbine is going to be installed, it must be lowered down through one of the chimnies. The Technical manager Søren Munk Madsen and his crew expect the entire operation to be completed within the frigate stay at the shipyard in Søby.
This was a real and true adventure and on the same day as Hans Christian Andersen's birthday and the anniversary of the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801.



Chief of defense staff visit HDMS Peder Skram

23. marts 2018

General Bjørn Bisserup, chief of defense staff, today visited Peder Skram to be informed about the frigate and its activities. Particularly the cooperation between the danish defense forces, as well as other officiel authorities and HDMS Peder Skram, was interesting for general Bisserup. The story of the cold war that is told on board the frigate also interested the general. He was planing to use HDMS Peder Skram as well in a official capacity and on private occasions.



Flag and jack on half mast. Gunsalute from the Sixtus

15 February 2018

Because of HRH Prince Henriks death, HDMS Peder Skram will have flag and jack on half mast today. Eight o'clock this morning a gunsalute was delivered with 3 times 27 shots, with a 30 second interval, from the Sixtus battery, close to HDMS Peder Skram. At the first shot, the flag and jack at the frigate was hoisted and subsequently after lowered into half mast. HRH Prince Henrik participated, in September 2008, together with H.M. the Queen, at the official opening of HDMS Peder Skram as a museum ship and Denmark's first Cold War Museum. Some years later, in December 2013, HRH Prince Henrik again visited the frigate, this time together with his two grandchildren, the princes Nikolai and Felix, who should have the same experience he have had five years earlier. The foundation behind HDMS Peder Skram has received four donations from the Fund of H.M the Queen and HRH Prince Henrik.


HDMS Peder Skram at Søby shipyard
January 23, 2018
Last time The frigate needed a lookafter at a shipyard was in 2007. Now she requires a bottom inspection where the hull is to be cleaned and painted. The same applies to the superstructure. Various repair work is also planned on board. Søby shipyard on Ærø has been chosen. The offer from the shipyard is 1.6 million kroner. The amount is donated by "A.P. Møller and Wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller's Fund for General Purposes". Towing to and from Søby shipyard is done by the shipping company Rohde Nielsen. The fee for this is donated by the shipping company. Paint is donated by Hempel. HDMS Peder Skram is towed from Holmen on May the 3th, and it is planned that the frigate is back May the 19th. Then, the volunteers must spend a week to prepare the frigate before it is ready to receive visitors again.



Happy New year

December 31, 2017

HDMS Peder Skram and the crew wish you all a happy new year and hope to se you again in 2018. The frigate is open for guided tours, meetings and social events on board throug out the year.


Admiral Bork is dead.

December 1, 2017

Rear admiral Jørgen Fritz Bork has passed away, 90 years old. In 1990 he was invited to join the committee, which previously had been formed in order to preserve the frigate HDMS Peder Skram. He was one of the leading persons in the effort to preserve and transform the frigate into a museum ship. In 1995 the Peder Skram Foundation was formed and Jørgen Bork became the first Chairman of the Board. Throughout his chairman's term, he linked many contacts and had an great impact on the implementation of the frigate project. He left as chairman in 2008, when he was elected as chairman of the board of representatives. This post he held until 2016, when he wanted to step down.

Jørgen Bork was admitted to the Royal Danish Naval Academy in 1945 and was appointed sea lieutenant in 1949. He was captain of HDMS Peder Skram from 1975 to 1977 and commanding officer of the Frigate squadron from 1980 to 1984. The same year he was appointed to rear admiral and chief of Naval Naval Operations. That position he held until 1988, when he was appointed as permanent Danish representative at NATO's Military Committee in Brussels. In this regard, he was appointed to temporary vice admiral. From this position he resigned in connection with his retirement in 1990.

Admiral Bork was well known as a dynamic, uncompromising and committed commanding officer who opently stod by his opinion, whether it was politicians or the Ministry of Defense. He was a strong personality who contributed to the reconstruction of the Royal Danish Navy after 1945 and its development during the Cold War.

Jørgen Bork was born July the 22th. 1927 and died December the 1th. 2017. He is going to be buried from the Naval church (Holmen's kirke) December the 16th.


Many visitors at the CPH Culture Night.
October 23, 2017
In connection with the Copenhagen Culture Night, the "Naval Museum at Nyholm" had, in addition to HDMS Peder Skram, wich are the submarine HDMS Sælen, the Motormissileboat HDMS Sehested, the old Mast crane and the Naval jailhouse, with the modelbuilder's workshops, more than 4,500 visitors from kl. 18 to 23. No doubt that old houses of Nyholm (Holmen) and with the warships from the Cold War periode, attracts more and more visitors. Also the rest of the year.
The "Ups missile" was fired by mistake from HDMS Peer Skram
June 6, 2017
Today, 35 years ago, a Harpoon missile was fired from HDMS Peder Skram by mistake. The accident occurred when the missile hit a summer house area at Lumsås, which caused 4 houses to be completely destroyed and a large numbers of others damaged. Fortunately, no person was injured in connection with the accident. This was called the "Ups missile" in the media. In a subsequent investigation, it was found that a technical error had triggered the firing. At the same time, a technician had ignored a warning light. The Navy paid for the damage in the summer house area, after which the missile producer, Boeing, refunded the amount that was paid.
Parachuters stay on board HDMS Peder Skram during Swoop 2017
August 17, 2017
During the first world championship in the Swoop Freestyle (parachute jump) held in Copenhagen the 25th and 26th August, all participants will stay on board HDMS Peder Skram. Originally they should have been staying at the Naval baracks of Copenhagen, but with short notice it was canseled. HDMS Peder Skram acted at short notice, so the parachuteres can stay on board the frigate, which have space for 180 crew members. There will be lots to look at, when the parachutes descend over Copenhagen. See more at www.sporteventdenmark.com.
Cooperation between frigates
June 26, 2017
The frigate HDMS Peder Skram and the frigate HDMS Jylland has initiated a collaboration where visits to one frigate give a 20% discount on the entrance to the other frigate. Just bring the delivered flyer ".
The Navys sail training ships return from the trip over the Atlantic
June 3, 2017
The Navys sail training ships HDMS Svanen and HDMS Thyra arrive at Copenhagen Naval Station on Thursday 29th June after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.This was the longest trip the ships ever made.The trip was arranged so that HDMS Svanen and HDMS Thyra could participate in the 100th anniversary of the transfer of the former Danish West Indies colonies to the United States on March 31, 2017. The ships then sailed to United States where they visited the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. The trip back to Denmark was via Bermuda, the Azores and South-East of England. The training ships arrive at the Naval Station at 11.10, a.m. where there will be a gun salut, the band of the Royal Danish Navy will play and there will be speeches by the chief of Naval Staff and the chief of 1st Squadron.
Member of the commitee of the foundation Peder Skram, CEO Claus Hjelmgaard, had died
May 26, 2017
Member of the commitee, maning director Claus Hjelmgaard, has died at age 52. He was CEO for Danish 1/Fotohouse, since 2009 and before that CEO at Mita Danmark a/s from 2001 to 2009.
The Danish Bank visit HDMS Peder Skram
May 20, 2017 
Denmarks biggest bank, The Danish Bank, had today invited more than 500 guest to visit the frigate and the other two warships at Nyholm. There was also a possibility to see the old mastcrane and the old batteri, Sixtus, where the gun salute is given during royal occations. The guest have also lunch during their visit.
International veteran organization visits HDMS Peder Skram
May 17, 2017
The international veteran organization, who has been supporting veterans who have been injured during the last 8 years, are visiting Copenhagen and the frigate, Monday, 22th of May. It is American veterans who visit Danish colleagues. During the day they visit the The Royal Lifegard, The Army officiers school at Frederiksberg Castle and Copenhagen Naval Station. The day before they run a marathon.
The frigate participates in Dragør Navy Day
May 13, 2017
Every year at the Constitution day, the 5th of June, The Dragør Navy Day takes place in the Dragør Harbor and the Dragor Fort. It is possible to visit the Navy vessel MHV 813 HDMS Baunen, located in Dragør old ferry Harbor. At the fort it is possible to see vehicles and equipment from Copenhagen Police, Falck, Dragør fire brigade and Copenhagen Airport. One of the Air Force new rescue helicopters, EH 101 Merlin, is in action and after landing it is possibly to have a look into the helicopter. A team from HDMS Peder Skram establish an exhibition where a model of the frigate, video showing the frigate and will give information about the frigate.
Chief of the Naval staff change position
May 7, 2017
Rearadmiral Frank Trojahn is appointed chief of the Development and Coordination Staff at the Defense Command at June 1, 2017. Frank Trojahn is 53 years old and is currently. chief of the Navy Staff. At the same time Frank Troj Navalahn resigns as an observer in the Board of Directors og the foundation Peder Skram. The new chief of the Naval staff are Torben Mikkelsen, age 54. He is until June 1th. chief of The Naval tactical Staff. 
Exiting news i 2007 
21. february 2017 
A new exhibition are under way, that inform about the frigate's weapons systems. The exhibition is expected to be ready for the opening at June the 24. The exhibition will include a SeaSparrow missile and all types of ammunition used on board.
As a new feature, it is possibly that visit the old mast crane, built in 1751. In the mast crane, the Guild of the Royal Naval museum´s modelbuilders, have arranged an exhibition of models, including a model of the old naval station Holmen. Nyholm is the oldest part of the Holmen, built about 1690 and was the Danish Navy's old main naval station in Copenhagen. The island have many interesting historical buildings and is suitable for a walk among old historical buildings, ships figureheads, cannons, anchors and other preserved items from Navy´s 500 year history.
The frigate and its crew wishes a Happy New Year
30. December 2016
Frigate can look back on an exciting 2016. With a total attendance that was larger than the year before. With more volenteers who want to serve in the tecnical division, as guides and guards in connection with the frigate's opening during school summer and autum holidays. In The Foundation's Board of Representatives, have there been changes, in order to ensure a smooth transition to ensure that knowledge and experience not are lost, while new and younger members take over.
In May the frigate could celebrate its 50th anniversary, which was celebrated by the participation of the frigate's many collaborators from the Navy, other museums and not least our sponsors who have supported Denmark's first Cold War museum financially and otherwise for 25 years.
In the coming year, the frigate's docking will be planned and implemented. A project, depending on the needs, will cost around 1.5 million d..kr. It is with great confidence that the board look at the future. A solid economy ensures, along with the many volunteers that the frigate still is independent of public funding as it means the frigate not like other museums have to save on activities.
2016 is the jubilee year of HDMS Peder Skram
10. februar 2016
This year, HDMS Peder Skram can celebrate the fact that it is 50 years ago, that the frigate was commisioned for the first time. May the 25th. in 1966 the naval flag was hoisted for the first time. The cost for building HDMS Peder Skram was paid by the United States and the frigate was therefore at the same time transferred to Denmark and the Royal Danish Navy. The Foundation Peder Skram will highlight the anniversary at a reception Wednesday, May the 25th. for special invited guests in Planbygningen at Nyholm. The Royal Danish Naval model guild will present a new model of HDMS Peder Skram. The well-known designer and poster artist Bo Bonfils will present his jubilee poster, he has designed for the occasion of the anniversary. On the same occasion, the Fundation Peder Skram presents a new mobile exhibition to be used in connection with open days to public on naval stations, naval ships, Airshows and other relevant places where we can tell about the frigate and increase the awareness of the frigate. The jubilee year offers several activities. On March the 1th. professor Peter Bogason present his new book, there is telling the stories of the Royal Danish Navy during the Cold War. An extensive and thorough work of the conditions, ships and much more of this period and where HDMS Peder Skram was a major part. The Foundation has teamed with the author of the book to present it. It happens at the Royal Naval Academy on March the 1th. 
The founder of the HDMS Peder Skram as a museum "disembark"
3. February 2016
After more than 25 years as a board member and Deputy Chairman, former managing director Stig DeGeer had decided to leave the board of directors. He took in 1989 the initiative to preserve the frigate and organize HDMS Peder Skram into a the first cold war museum in Denmark. He believes that the time now had come for younger people to take over and continue the project and secure it for the future. He will now enjoy his retirement in the south of France.
The Holmen disaster in 1951
23 November 2015
Today it is 64 years ago, we experienced one of the biggest disasters in Copenhagen in recent times. A small fire at a workshop for sea mines, at the naval station Holmen, developed in a short time and 11 sea mines exploded. 16 firefighters and sailors were killed and many wounded. The reason for the many deaths was that the fire department was not aware that the building was filled with mines. After the Holmen disaster, the guidelines for the Copenhagen fire department action at Holmen changed, so that something similar could not happen in the future. The workshops and stores for sea mines moved from Holmen in the subsequent years and to new depots, located in uninhabited areas that were better adapted to working with the sea mines.

Former professor and National antiquarian Olaf Olsen is death

19 November 2015
Professor Dr. phil and former National antiquarian Olaf Olsen has died at a age of 87. He was a longtime member of the committe of the Peder Skram Foundation. Olaf Olsen passed away on Tuesday. the 17th. of November, and will be buried at Alrø church the 26th. og november at 1 p.m.

HDMS Peder Skram has open again

11. september 2015

During the school childrens holydays from the 10th to the 18th of October, and during the Culture night of Copenhagen at the 9th of October, the Frigate will be open for visitors.

Veterans day onboard HDMS Peder Skram

13. august 2015

On the 22 and 23 August, the traditional frigate gathering for old crew members take place. Where the old stories again will be told about what life was onboard in the good old days. Royal Womens Marine music corps entertains. An event reserved for old frigate sailors.

Last day in this summer, HDMS Peder Skram has open

9. august 2015

Today it is the last day in the summer 2015, that the frigate is open. Next time is in october. Se more at "opening hours and prices".

The project for preservation HDMS Peder Skram started 25 years ago

July 15. 2015 

The initiative to preserve HDMS Peder Skram was launched July the 15th. 1990, when the idea was presented in the newspapers. Shortly after a committe was appointed to try to save the frigate for scrapping and preserve it as a museum ship.

HDMS Peder Skram is now open for visitors.

June 26., 2015
It is now possible to visit the frigate every day fra 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. from June 27th to August 9th. You can park your car close til the frigate.
The sailing vessel Danmark
May 28, 2015
The Training vessel Danmark visit Copenhagen from June 11th to 14th and can be experienced at Esplanaden, located at Nordre Toldbod. The Training ship is full-rigged and built in 1932 at Nakskov shipyard and have a weighs of 737 tons. When Denmark is not on a mission, it is baseed at Naval station at Frederikshavn.
50 years ago HDMS Peder Skram was launch
May 18, 2015
At May 20th 1965 buildingnumber 370 was launched from Hensingør Shipyard. The cost for the building of the frigate was 38.850.000 danish kroner. The cost for the projecting of both HDMS Peder Skram and HDMS Herluf Trolle was 750.000 danish kroner. Originally both frigates was designatet destroyers, with the pennant number D 320 and D 321. Later on they was redesignated frigates with the pennent numbers F 352 og F 353. The cost for HDMS Peder Skram was payed by USA, during the periode of the weapons aid to Denmark and therefore it was numbred PC 1644 in the US Navy.

Peder Skram is "fashionable"

April 29, 2015

Through a periode, the frigate had been used for a number of fashion photo sessions. Most recently, the fashion magazine ELLE asked for permission to use Peder Skram in a fashion reportage for the next issue of the fashion magazine
June the 13th, between 11 a.m. and  5 p.m., COPENHAGEN FOTOMEETUP will organize the TFP model photo shooting at Nyholm. More than 200 photographers, models and makeup artists will use the old buildings and warships as scenery for the photo sesion. The result can be seen at www.facebook.com/events/1575533472736179/
The Majesty the Queen turns 75
April 16th, 2015
Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II will be turn 75 years. The Queen and Prince Consort had over the years supported HDMS Peder Skram several times economically. The Foundation has sent a congratulatory greeting to the Queen, with thanks for the great interest she shows in the museum. In September 2008 the Queen inaugurated the frigate as a museum ship and Prince Consort once again visited Peder Skram, together with the two princes Felix and Nicholas in December 2013.

The battle of Copenhagen 214 years ago.

April 2. 2015
To hundred and forteen years ago was one of the Royal Danish Navy's major battles fought, not far from HDMS Peder Skram at Nyholm. Admiral Nelson was commanding a British fleet who was attacking a Danish fleet moored at Kongedybet. Nelson's expectation was that he had beaten the Danes within an hour or two. However, the battle lasted nearly all day and only by threatening to burn the conquered Danish warships with crews on board, he got the Danish Crown Prince Frederik to accept a ceasefire. The Danish fleet was divided into two squadrons. Those was commanded by captain Olfert Fischer and captain Steen Bille, both later appointed admirals. In the naval barracks courtyard at Nyholm you can see the monument for the Danish fallen sailors of the sea battle. The monument was designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll in 1902 and also named "the Pepper grinder" and "the mooring pole". Originally, the monument was situated at the Army Citadel flag bastion, on the other side of the harbour, but was moved to Nyholm in 1997.

Marry christmas and a happy new year

December 24, 2014

HDMS Peder Skram wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Looking forward to se you on board in 2015.

New traficregulations at Nyholm

December 5, 2014

The Naval station are changing the road signs on the Nyholms area. In this context, the Copenhagen police ordered the station to change the current practice that you are you allowed to bike against traffic direction. One of the days the sign will be removed and replaced by no-entry signs. Another change is that parking is prohibited and "no-stopping sign" will be removed. This is due to the introduction of parking area for the hole of Nyholm, where it is only allowed to park in parking bays. The Military Police enforcing the rules and give tickets for various traffic offenses, including speeding. Also to civilians.

25 years ago the Berlin Wall fell

October 29, 2014

On November 9th, 25 years ago the Berlin Wall fell. The wall which since 1961 had divided East and West Berlin into two parts with almost no connection between the residents. Killing of 251 people who tried to flee from East to West. More than 3,200 people were arrested for trying to escape. After the fall of the wall followed the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and then it was the end of the Cold War, who had lasted for more than 40 year.

Experience old Jaguar cars at Nyholm

October 23, 2014

If you fancy old Jaguar Cars, you should stop by HDMS Peder Skram, Saturday, 25th of October. The Danish Jaguar Club visit Peder Skram between the 11:00 a.m. and 13:00 p.m. during which time the many fine vintage cars can be experienced. Please note that there is no access to the frigate to the public. If you are a group of interested, you can book a guided tour that will last between 1½ and 2 hours.

New model af the minesweeper Aarøsund in model collection

October 8, 2014

Modelmaker Ebbe Talleruphus have completed a new model of the minesweeper M 571 HDMS Aarøsund that now can be seen in the model ship collection onboard Peter Skram. The model is self propelled and can sail. M 571 HDMS Aarøsund is built in the United States as part of the weapons aid to Denmark during the Cold War. Launched in 1953 and handed over to Denmark and commisioned in the Danish Navy in 1955. Aarøsund was decommisioned in 1982. The minesweeper was built of wood to sweep magnetic mines that had been droped in number of thousands in the Danish waters during World War II.

The HDMS Peder Skram is open in the autumn holidays

September 19, 2014

In school autumn holidays, HDMS Peder Skram is open to the public from September 11th. to 19th. both days inclusive. from 11:00 a.m. to 17:00. p.m. At the Culture night in Copenhagen, the frigate open to visitors with a valid  Culture passport from 18:00 to 23:00. a.m. See more at: /aabningstider-priser.aspx

Danish cadet competition aboard HDMS Peder Skram

September 9, 2014

Cadets from the 3 officer schools, Army, Air Force and Navy, organizing sports competition at Nyholm September 18th from 10:00 a.m. to 15:00. p.m. Some of the competitions portion will take place onboard HDMS Peder Skram.

It is 71 years since the Danish Fleet sank itself.

August 29, 2014

71 years ago, the C-in-C of the Royal Danish Navy, Vice Admiral Aage Vedel order to sink the fleet, so it not would fall into German hands, as the occupying forces attack the Danish military in the early morning of the 29th of August 1943. A small number of vessels escape to the neutral Sweden.

Summer season opening to the public ends at August 10th.

August 8, 2014

August 10th is the last day there open for the public during this summer season. HDMS Peder Skram opens again in the autumn school vacation. Se more   at "Opening hours and prices." It is possible to book a guided tours for groups outside the opening hours. Se more at "Contact"

Former chairman of the Union af Danish Metalworkers, Georg Poulsen is dead

July 24, 2014

Longstanding chairman of the Danish Metal Workers, Georg Poulsen, has died at the age of 84. Besides being active in the labor movement, he was, after he left his position as chairman, board member of the ISS, Aarhus Flydedok, the Great Belt Link, the Bank Invest and Danish Investing. He was also active for the preservation of the H.D.M.S. Peder Skram. As a member of "The Committee for the preservation of Peder Skram from 1990, Georg Poulsen want to ensure that H.D.M.S. Peder Skram was preserved for posterity. An interess he since continuously keept.

The Royal Lifegard sports club onboard HMS Peder Skram

June 19, 2014

On July 2, the Royal Lifeguards sports club have thair anual competition. Among other things jumps from the frigate and kayak polo. The activities on the frigate takes place between 12.30 and 2.30 p.m.. The frigate is open to the public with tickets.

The 28th. of June, HDMS Peder Skram again are open to the public

June 14, 2014

28th of June the frigate will be open to the public. All 7 days of the week between 11:00 a.m. and 17:00 p.m. See more at www.pederskram.dk/Opening-hours The last opening day for this periode is the 10th of August. Take some time also to see the other warships from the "Cold War". The submarine HDMS Sælen and torpedomissielboat HDMS Sehested or to see the Navys first radio station from 1908. The OXA Naval Radio station is Denmark's oldest working radio station.

70 anniversary for D-days landing.

June 6, 2014

Today 70 years ago, the Allies landed in Normandy. 150,000 soldiers from several countries, including 600 Danish seamen who represented the crews of 24 Danish merchant ships, participated in the largest military operation in history. It is gratifying that the Danish "war sailors," after many years of struggle for recognition, now finally is accepted for their services. 6000 Danish merchant sailors participated during World War II for the Allies

Nyholm is closed for the public during ESC 2014

May 1, 2014

During the European melody Gran Prix , ESC 2014, the naval station Holmen, which contents the hole of Nyholm , is closed to the public. The reason for that is, that the military area are used by police and others forces to project the music event at Refshale island, nearby. Events on the HDMS Peder Skram planned during this period, will take place. The frigate is used all of the year around as a practice object for the Armed Forces, police and fire brigade personnel. Though not in the opening period, summer and autumn. See the frigate's opening period.

Members of the Parliament meeting onboard HDMS Peder Skram

April 24, 2014

Danish People's Party, the Parliamentary Group, held today its group meeting onboard the HDMS Peder Skram. Sometimes the parliamentary group held their monthly evening group sessions at various institutions in Copenhagen - and now it was time to visit HDMS Peder Skram. There was time for a guided tour, and after Colonel Lars Moeller, retired, gave his view of the Danish defense current position, including the savings at the defense budget , and the consequences. After a light meal, it was time for the regular group meeting.

Holmen medal of honor have 213 years anniversary

January 29, 2014

The honery medal was inaugurated January 29, 1801 and was originally called Holmen 's Medal of honor until 1843, a term that still applies to the officials of the Navy . The correct term is " Medal for good service at The navy " .On the same day, the Foundation of Peder Skram celebrating that it was 19 years ago, it was established and the HDMS Peder Skram was transferred as a gift to the foundation.

Royal Christmas visit on board  HDMS Peder Skram

17. december 2013

HRH the Prince consort visit, along with the Princes Nikolai and Felix, the frigate. Prince Henrik, admiral in The Royal Danish Navy, wanted to show his two grandchildren Peder Skram, which he last visited in 2008, along with HM The Queen, in connection with the official opening of Peder Skram. The two princes also gets the opportunity to experience the submarine HDMS Sælen, also situated at the Nyholm and is part of the danish collections of warships from the Cold War, located at Holmen.

The Royal Naval Academy are training on board HDMS Peder Skram

1 October 2013
Although the frigate, HDMS Peder Skram approaching the 50th anniversary of launching of Elsinore shipyard and has been a museum frigate in nearly 20 years, the Royal Naval Academy continue to use the old gray frigate, from the Cold War, for the training of cadets. In weeks 43 and 44 the Academy implements "Operation Maverick" on board. The purpose of this exercise is to get as close to real life aboard a warship. The cadets will be accommodated for a period on board, where they are planning a deployment to the Gulf of Aden in connection with "Operation Ocean Shield", establish the officers mess, planning a reception for VIP's  and much more. The Exercise is a recurring event in which HDMS Peder Skram are included and must prepare the new naval officers for their upcoming assignments in the Navy.

Visit Peder Skram in school autumn and connection Culture Night

17 September 2013
From October 12th to 20th, the frigate again has open to the public. Take the opportunity to see the new exhibition about the Cold War. Hear and see former Foreign Minister Uffe Elleman Jensen talking about this exciting part of our recent history of Denmark. Two former admirals, Tim Sloth Jørgensen and Jørgen Bork, tell about the Navy's tasks during this period. Sometimes it could be a little nerve-wracking.HDMS Peder Skram has also open at "Kulturnatten". This can be purchased in the Marine barracks cafeteria where you also to eat. Experience the Royal Danish Navy band blow the Taptoo onboard Peder Skram, the submarine Sælen and motormissielship Sehested. See more about the Culturenight at Holmen on: www.kulturnat-holmen.dk/

70 years ago the Danish fleet sink it self the 29 of August 1943

20. august 2013
In the days of August in 1943 the Danish government had found that it no longer would accept the ever increasing and more stringent German interference in domestic matters such as law enforcement and demand for dead penalties for Dansih citizen. The goverment resigned, but before it ordered the Danish Army and Navy not to use armed force against a possible German attack. However, the chief of the Danish Navy Admiral Vedel, decided on his own to supplement the government's decision with an order either to escape to Sweden or to sink the ships. Previously, there was fabricated a number of explosives for the use of a possible sinking. The 29 of August, early in the morning, there was a series of explosions at the naval station Holmen in Copenhagen. About 31 ships were sunk by their own crews.

Long queues at other museums provide more visit on board the frigate

17. juli 2013
In this summer, many do not wish to stand in queues for hours to visit museums, etc., such as The Blue Planet. That means that more visitors visit the Peder Skram instead, to get a good and exciting summer experience in Copenhagen. Experience the Cold War at sea and the life on board the flagship of the danish fleet and the other warships from this period, and see the many beautiful old buildings at Nyholm, the old naval station in Copenhagen. Option to dine at the old naval barracks cafeteria.  It is open every day from 11:00 until 17:00 until 11th of August

Chief of  Defence Staff visit Peder Skram

3. juli 2013

Chief of Defence Staff, General Peter Bartram, visit today Peder Skram. Besides seeing and experiencing the frigate, the Chief of Defence Staff will be briefed about the cooperation between in the museumfrigate and the Danish Defense Forces.

The summer openings of Peder Skram take place the 29. of June

26 June 2013

The summer Opening period is from the 29. of June and unto 11. of August. See more about opening hours and prices. A new permanent exhibition tells about Royal Danish Navies duties during the Cold War. Among other things, former Foreign Minister Uffe Ellerman Jensen, former Chief of the Defense Staff, Admiral Tim Sloth Jørgensen, as well as former Chief of Naval Operations, Rear Admiral Jørgen Bork tells about their experiences during the Cold War.
New ship in the model collection.
6 June 2013

A model of the ice patrol vessel HDMS Hvidbjørnen (The White bear), are the latest showpiece in the collection. The model was "launched" at Nyholm of modeler Ebbe Talleruphus and sailed a trip around in the harbor, after which Hvidbjørnen was placed in her exhibition case. HDMS Hvidbjørnen is launched in 1961, commissioned the Navy in 1962 and was decommissioned in1992. The Hvidbjørnen class was built as a response to the disaster of M/S Hans Hedtofts at Cape Farewell in Greenland in 1959. The Navy had at that time not the right kind of ships which could operate in Greenland's icy waters. Read more about model collection here.

The commander-in-chief of the Navy operations visit Peder Skram        27. maj 2013               

The new appointed C-in-C for Naval operations, The Royal Danish Navy, rearadmiral Frank Trojahn, visited Peder Skram during his apointment tour to all the navys establisments. He was informed about the long lasting cooperation between the Navy and the Peder Skram Foundation. 

The Peder Skram foundation receives award.
30 April 2013

On the 30. of April the Danish Marine Association handed over a price of DKK 10,000 to the Peder Skram Foundation. The reason was that the Peder Skram tells the history of the Cold War in Danish waters. The ceremony took place at the Navies Church on the occasion of Danish Marine Society's 100th anniversary.
Peder Skram in the TV program "Hammerslag"
4 February 2013

The 5. of February at. 20:00 p.m. Peder Skram experienced in the popular TV program "Hammerslag" on DR 1 Read more at www.dr.dk
25 years ago that HDMS Peder Skram was decommissioned
4 January 2013

The this year marks the 25  anniversary of HDMS Peder Skram decommission for the last time. It was purely political reasons and while the Cold War still was "hot". On the 4 of January 1988 paraded the crews of the frigates HDMS Peder Skram and HDMS Herluf Trolle for the last time at the Naval Station of Copenhagen (Holmen). The C-in-C of Naval Operations, Rear Admiral Jørgen Bork made a personal and emotional speech. Then a trumpet from The Royal Danish Navies Band played "The last post", and then the flags and pennants was down hauled.